CTT Practitioners

Only the practitioners listed here are certified to practice Captive Thought Therapy.
Use of the CTT exercises does not certify you in CTT, you must complete training with us to be certified.

Leah Lesesne

Founder CTT-P

Atlanta, GA

Leah Lesesne, MA spent years in the mental health counseling world frustrated by the lack of lasting healing she saw. She knew there had to be better answers for the pain her clients felt. Convinced of God’s promise in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 of complete wholeness spirit-mind-body, she returned to her roots of inner healing prayer and found revelation after revelation of God’s answers to lasting breakthrough. Her mission is to share those revelations to help you be as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible.

Saltillo, MS

Marie Frison, LCSW has extensive training and expertise in the field of trauma with 13 years of experience working with individuals of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and grief-related issues. She has trained with Leah as a Captive Thought Therapy Practitioner (CTT-P) adding to her already impressive skill set including EFT and EMDR. She lives in Mississippi with her family and runs her own practice Hearts of Healing Therapies.

 New CTT practitioners will be added here as they complete training and certification. Click here for more information on becoming a practitioner or coach.

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